The Science Platform


Our Platform is more than a collection of technology and tactics. As a filter and sounding board, this Platform brings together the right people, practices and ideas in a bid to solve real life problems.

By identifying the human issue, we can personalize and observe the impact it has on people’s everyday lives. Driven by the essence and core value of the problem, we aim to create a new dialogue and approach to conventional business brainstorming and development.

Enterprise Value By Sector

Relevant experts and resources are brought together to collaborate and discover new ways of utilizing our extensive sources of knowledge and practice. Creativity, technology, data and capital play interchangeable roles within each bespoke business model.

In a world overpowered by data and information, we believe how we harness, implement and empower this information is more important than ever. Being able to look beyond the stats and discover the modern day relevance of this data offers a real-time insight into the behaviors and needs of real people.

Invesetments by Type

An array of functions and practices form the basis on our Platform. A few of our prominent core areas are Audience Development, Data and Technology.

Total Portfolio Companies Gross Revenue

Audience Development

Getting the right messages to the right people is the essence of Audience Development. This is no easy task. Penetrating a marketplace of mass messages and weak connections requires a fresh approach based on the values of human interaction. Innovative takes on data science and its implementation allow us to widen our field of resources and techniques, allowing us to pinpoint and connect in a unique way.

Investments By Sector


Missing key moments and connections is inevitable in our current state of social data overload. Birthdays, marriages and new job announcements can be buried under fast moving, ever-increasing social content. With traditional notions of searching and communication giving way to more social means, how we connect and develop with our personal relationships is changing.

EverySignal noted this shift in values and aimed to ensure people didn’t miss out on life’s important moments. Examining Facebook and LinkedIn, ES cherry picks such moments and notifies you directly via daily email notifications.

While enriching the relationships between family and friends, this social search/data science tool can help businesses acquire new customers and aid in discovering and developing new leads. Data sourced from a brand’s highest value users provides invaluable insight and opportunity to predict trends and interests, uncovering potential ways of influencing consumer behavior and decisions. EverySignal utilizes this data to optimize related advertising across Facebook and the web.

Collaboration with Science enabled EverySignal to identify and develop their objectives even further. The effective pairing of talents and expertise formed the perfect partnership and equipped the project with the strategy, design and technical resources it required to grow.


Initially developed to help Science’s own companies, HelloSociety grew fast and flew the coup to become the #1 Pinterest Influencer Network in its class.

HelloSociety is a multi-functional platform able to empower brands with real-time statistics of their performance and that of their competitors. The ability to track and manage Pinterest campaigns is an innovative feature, providing an opportunity to identify and optimize influence directly.

Analytics and communication sit side by side here, a creditable nod to Science’s unique understanding of the most efficient ways to develop audience and interpret related data. Powered by Science acquired technology PinPuff, the platform lets users monitor and measure their own presence, encouraging strategic thinking and the regular update of brand content.

With instant accessibility to performance-driven data, these brands can quickly and easily discover and develop the best ways to reach out and connect with their users.

Madrigold Media

Madrigold Publishing is a Facebook focused content publisher, presenting a new type of media platform built to engage avid hobbyists and fans on social media. Madrigold currently reaches over ten million readers weekly. The group publishers 30 different titles across four different segments including Women’s Interest, Men’s Interest, Fashion & Beauty, and Home & Food.