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Nov 2011
Lifestyle Company - Travel & Events http://eventup.com

Eventup is a marketplace that cuts out the middleman. It directly connects those looking for a unique, ideal location with the property owners that have one. With locations such as James Morrison’s old house or Vinny Chases’ pad from Entourage, an exclusive venue can be sourced without the Hollywood connections.

Nov 2011
Dec 2011
Lifestyle Company - Travel & Events http://dogvacay.com

With a board of directors that encompass everything you need to know about consumer marketplaces, founder Adam Hirschhorn looked to personalise the pet boarding and dog care services and become national leaders in the pet care industry.

Dec 2011
Jan 2012
Dollar Shave Club
Lifestyle Company - Self-Care & Beauty http://dollarshaveclub.com

With an emphasis on quality, price and convenience, Dollar Shave Club was created with the needs of the real, everyday working man in mind. It’s as simple and clear as it should be - you select your razor type, choose from three monthly price ranges, $1, $6 or $9, and your blades are delivered to your door every month.

Jan 2012
Platform Company - Social http://everysignal.com

While enriching the relationships between family and friends, this social search/data science tool can help businesses acquire new customers and aid in discovering and developing new leads. Data sourced from a brand’s highest value users provides invaluable insight and opportunity to predict trends and interests, uncovering potential ways of influencing consumer behavior and decisions. EverySignal utilizes this data to optimize related advertising across Facebook and the web.

Jan 2012
Lifestyle Company - Home http://uncovet.com

When searching for that one-of-a-kind piece it’s all about where to look. Uncovet is a carefully curated emporium of original design, interior and fashion items. Under the watchful eye of their creative experts, these unique products are available to members on a daily and discounted rate. More than just a boutique shopping site, this is a collective of fresh thinkers and dedicated members who have the opportunity invite friends to shop and share new finds.

Feb 2012
Platform Company - Social http://hellosociety.com

HelloSociety is a multi-functional platform able to empower brands with real-time statistics of their performance and that of their competitors. The ability to track and manage Pinterest campaigns is an innovative feature, providing an opportunity to identify and optimize influence directly.

May 2012
May 2012
Lifestyle Company - Clothing http://ellie.com

Ellie is the first ever women’s activewear e-commerce service/lifestyle brand that taps into the needs of the fitness-savvy female. Not only does this exclusive line feature a range of stylish, comfortable high-end workout wear, but it is delivered directly to members’ doors at an affordable price.

Jun 2012
Lifestyle Company - Food http://tastery.com

Tastery connects you with talented personal chefs to help create casual and fine dining experiences in the comfort of your own home. With our unique network of culinary talent, our curated and seasonal menus and exceptional customer service, Tastery makes everyday eating and entertaining effortless!

Jun 2012
Aug 2012
Oct 2012
Lifestyle Company - Health http://urbanremedy.com

Founded by nutritionist, chef and all-round health guru, Neka Pasquale, Urban Remedy is a home-made collection of nutrient rich drinks and snacks.

Feb 2013
Mar 2013
Apr 2013
Madrigold Media
Platform Company - Social http://madrigoldmedia.com

Madrigold Publishing is a Facebook focused content publisher, presenting a new type of media platform built to engage avid hobbyists and fans on social media. Madrigold currently reaches over ten million readers weekly. The group publishers 30 different titles across four different segments including Women’s Interest, Men’s Interest, Fashion & Beauty, and Home & Food.

May 2013
Lifestyle Company - Health http://homehero.org

HomeHero is a trusted marketplace designed to help families find, hire and manage quality in-home care for seniors. The simple online and mobile experience drastically decreases the time, cost and risk of finding local caregivers through access to high definition caregiver video profiles, social references, liability insurance and easy scheduling and payment tools. The services offered are non-medical, and cover a wide range of tasks including shopping, meal preparation, exercise, light housekeeping, companionship and personal care.

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